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Mobot Dynamic Mini 16 Inch Electric Bicycle

Mobot Dynamic Mini 16 Inch Electric Bicycle Summary

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A compact ebike with an affordable price tag. The Mobot Dynamic Mini 16″ can squeeze through tight spots and it’s an ideal electric bicycle with dependable components. It can be folded to half its size.

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Mobot Dynamic Mini 16 Inch Electric Bicycle Description

Mobot Dynamic Mini Review
The Mobot Dynamic Mini 16″ electric bicycle is one of the most affordable e-bikes in the market. Riders looking for a functional e-bike at a low price should definitely consider the Dynamic Mini.
Unique features
The keys to detach the battery from the e-bike is unique to each electric bicycle. This means that no one key is able to unlock another Dynamic Mini’s battery. The bicycle is also foldable which makes it convenient for commute on public transport.
The compact frame makes the e-bike ideal for tight spaces. The high tensile strength of the frame also makes it durable.
The e-bike comes with a front light and a rear deflector that is ideal for safety especially riding in dim lit areas or at night.
Running on a High Quality 18650 Lithium Ion Battery that has a Smarty Battery System managing the battery charge to ensure it does not overcharge.
Fitted with a 36V 250W Brushless Motor that is commonly found in many e-bikes. The electric bicycle is also LTA approved.

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Weight 17.5 kg
Dimensions 140 × 55 × 70 cm

Black, Red


Standard 8Ah (36V)

59 reviews for Mobot Dynamic Mini 16 Inch Electric Bicycle

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