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Mido Electric Bicycle

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Made from magnesium alloy, the Mido Electric Bicycle has one of the strongest ebike frame in the market. Coupled with it’s noise reduction and power regenerative technology, the Mido ebike is 2nd only to the Mido Pro.


Mido Electric Bicycle Description

Mido Electric Bicycle Review
The Mido Electric Bicycle has interesting features that are absent in other e-bikes. From power regenerative breaking to noise reduction, the e-bike definitely stands out compared to the rest.
Unique features
The power regenerative braking systems enables the battery to be recharged when the bicycle is moving downhill, moving on flat ground or when the rider is cycling. This allows the e-bike to cover a longer distance as compared to other electric bikes. The electric bike is also equipped with noise reduction that may appeal to riders who are more sensitive to noise.
Manufactured with magnesium alloy, the electric bicycle has one of the sturdiest frame in the e-bike market.
The front and rear wheels have a reflector on them that is necessary when it comes to riding in dim lit areas. The e-bike also comes with a front light. Front and rear electric brakes also ensures that the e-bikes braking mechanism is efficient and dependable.
Running on a Samsung 36V, 8.7Ah Battery that is dependable and ideal for the power regenerative system.
Fitted with a 36V 250W Brushless Motor that is commonly found in many e-bikes. The electric bicycle is also LTA approved.

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Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 142 × 22 × 71 cm

Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Red


Standard 8.7Ah (36V)

61 reviews for Mido Electric Bicycle

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