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X7 Electric Scooter Brake Disc Rotor

X7 Electric Scooter Brake Disc Rotor Summary

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Brake Disc Rotor Pad Replacement for HX X7 Electric Scooter

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X7 Electric Scooter Brake Disc Rotor Description

Type: Brake Disc for Rear Wheel
Material: Alloy steel
Suitable: HX X7/ X8 E-Scooter, Hero S8 X8, Slidgo X8, TurboAnt X7 PRO and similar models.
Features: High quality material, sturdy and durable, easy to install, special accessories for HX scooters
*Dimension: 120mm*1.8mm (thickness)
Eko.MY.POS: 78

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48 reviews for X7 Electric Scooter Brake Disc Rotor

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