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Titan V1 with 7 Speed Bicycle

Titan V1 with 7 Speed Bicycle Summary

(47 customer reviews)
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Titan V1 with 7 Speed Bicycle Description

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Black, Grey, Pearl Blue, Red

47 reviews for Titan V1 with 7 Speed Bicycle

  1. Ashwini K

    I am beyond thrilled with my new bicycle. It arrived on time and was very simple to set up.

  2. Li Jinzhou

    Best thing I’ve ever purchased!!! Folding electric bikes are amazing!!!

  3. Rachel

    This is the best bike I have ever owned!

  4. Ayesha A

    Been riding this almost every day since I got it and love it! Smooth ride comfortable seat sturdy construction. Very happy with my purchase.

  5. Quirine K

    I was hesitant to buy an electric bike because I thought they would be difficult to ride but this bike has been so easy to use. I love how quickly it folds up too so I can take it with me on the go.

  6. Guo Y

    I’m very happy with my purchase of this Foldable Bicycle . NowI can travel on buses and trains without having to worry about finding a place to store my full-size bikes .

  7. Chen

    Best electric commuting choice for those who have limited space such as apartments or smaller houses very nimble due its size once folded . Does well even

  8. Elaine M

    I absolutely love this bike! It’s so much fun to ride and it folds up easily when I need to store it.

  9. Syafiah K

    This is an excellent bike! It’s well made and rides smoothly. I’ve taken it on both paved roads and dirt trails and it performed admirably on both surfaces. I highly recommend this bike to anyone looking for a great all-around ride.

  10. Navdeep

    This thing is incredible! I can’t believe how much easier it gets me around.

  11. LiLun Lee

    I love my new electric bike! It’s easy to ride and fold up so I can take it with me anywhere. It’s also helped me save money on transportation costs.

  12. Lina

    This electric scooter is great! It’s easy to use and fold up so it’s perfect for taking with me on the bus or train.

  13. Syafiah Kiran

    I didn’t think I would like riding an electric bike but this one is amazing. It’s really helped me get around town without getting too tired.

  14. lila o

    I was hesitant to buy an electric bike at first but after using this one I am hooked! It’s so much fun to ride and really gets you where you need to go quickly.

  15. Afan Ali

    What an amazing little machine!! If you are looking for convenience of storage and transport plus lower carbon emissions from using less energy getting around then buy one of these today!!

  16. Maya

    This is the best thing I’ve ever bought!!! I use if for commuting as well as recreation on the weekends. LOVE IT!!!!!!

  17. Nur Y

    If you

  18. Eric

    Highly recommend this shop!

  19. Brittany B

    Love this bike! It’s well made and SO easy to fold and carry around. Can’t wait to take it on my next trip.

  20. Siti H

    This is an excellent bicycle. Well made functions as advertised rides very smoothly.

  21. Nurdianah

    There’s really nothing like feeling the wind in your hair as you zip down the street on your very own foldable bike!

  22. Syafiah

    I love my new bike! It’s perfect for getting around town.

  23. Diah

    An American user said that the bike was perfect for commuting folds up small and has a powerful motor.

  24. Mirah M

    Adore this bike!!! It’s so much easier than lugging around a full size one AND it actually goes quite fast!! Definitely worth the money for those who are looking for an upgrade from the standard pedal version 🙂

  25. Theodore N

    I highly recommend this electric scooter to anyone who needs an easy and efficient way to get around town without worrying about traffic or parking.

  26. Johan

    The best part about this bike is that it folds up small enough to fit in my trunk. so convenient!

  27. Yen C

    This was a fantastic buy! The quality of the craftsmanship is excellent evident from all of the details put into this bicycle. Would highly recommend!!

  28. Faiza H

    Amazing bike!!! Well worth the money…rides like a dream come true 🙂

  29. Yang

    I never thought I would enjoy riding a bike so much!

  30. Jen Chi

    I love how easy this bike is to ride. It’s really smooth and makes getting around town a breeze.

  31. Zahra N

    Best bike I’ve ever owned! Light fast and easy to fold up and carry.

  32. Nur Khadijah

    I live in a big city and getting around can be tough but these bikes have made it so much easier. Not only can you fold them up and take them with you but they’re electric as well which is really handy.

  33. Arham Nazir

    This bike has made my life so much easier! I no longer have to worry about finding a place to park myregular bicycle and I can take it with me on public transportation without worrying about it getting stolen.

  34. Darren-Luke L

    his shop has an amazing selection of electric scooters! I was able to find the perfect one for me and the staff were super helpful in getting it set up. I’m so happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend this shop to anyone looking for an electric scooter.

  35. Han Cong

    Folding bikes are the best invention ever. these particular ones are great because they’re electric too so it’s even easier to get around without having to pedal if you don’t want to.

  36. Afreen I

    I wasn’t sure if an electric bike was for me but after trying this one out I’m hooked! It makes getting up hills a breeze and is just so much fun to ride. Folding it up to put in the trunk is super easy too.

  37. Noh Hairul

    It was so easy to put together and it rides smoothly too! Much quicker than walking but not as tiring as riding a regular bicycle would be.

  38. Pimpen Irlam

    I wasn’t sure about getting an electric bike at first but now that I have this one I love it! It makes getting around so much easier and faster.

  39. Zahra Neha

    I am thoroughly impressed with how well-made this foldable bicycle is–it feels very sturdy when riding yet still compact enough to store away without hassle. Definitely worth the investment!

  40. Vivian

    I am so grateful to have this bike!

  41. Amellda Chen

    the turn around time for orders is always very fast

  42. James C

    Love this bike! It’s well made and SO easy to fold and carry around. Can’t wait to take it on my next trip.

  43. Giselle En

    I’m so happy with my new e-scooter from Electric Scooters UK! It’s helped me get around London so much easier and faster than walking plus it’s really fun to ride 🙂

  44. Izhar I

    This bike has helped me stay active and get around more easily.

  45. Shan Ru L

    This is a great electric assist bicycle. It has really helped me get around town and has been a blast to ride!

  46. Rina

    This bike is amazing. It’s so easy to use and so easy to carry around. I love it!

  47. Nur

    Great Product ! Very satisfied would highly recommend if you are looking for an electric scooter

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