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Express Drive Plus Electric Bicycle

Express Drive Plus Electric Bicycle Summary

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Looking to upgrade your bicycle to an ebike to generate more income or maybe an all-rounder electric bicycle? The Eco Drive Plus is an amazing ebike with premium components that emphasises on speed, comfort and safety. Equipped with a step-through frame for easy dismounting, making it highly ideal for delivery riders!

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Express Drive Plus Electric Bicycle Description

Express Drive Plus E-bike review
The Express Drive Plus Ebike, also known as Eco Drive Plus, is one of the many e-bikes that are certified by LTA, affixed with the orange seal – EN15194. The e-bike is a popular choice due to the value it brings when compared to cost.
Unique features
One of the main unique feature about the Express Drive Plus e-bike is the rear seat that comes with it. This is a huge selling point for many buyers looking to ferry others on their e-bike. This also makes the e-bike a popular choice amongst delivery drivers as the rear seat rack can be used to secure a delivery bag.
It’s step-through frame also makes it an ideal e-bike for delivery riders due to how often they’re required to dismount their e-bike.
The e-bike is also manufactured using high strength aluminium, reinforcing its durability. The parts of the e-bike are also easily available in servicing stores, making it an easy e-bike to maintain.
Every Express Drive Plus comes with front & rear lights as well as a bicycle bell. There is also a chain guard to prevent any entanglement of fabric or external materials in the e-bike’s chain. The rear and front disc brakes also makes braking more efficient and safe.
Running on a 48V 10.5Ah battery that efficiently powers the motor and gives a longer riding distance per charge.
The Express Eco Drive Plus runs on a 48V 240W Brushless Geared motor which is sufficient for the e-bike to traverse hills, reach speeds of up to 25km/h and function with a maximum load of 125kg.

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Weight 19.8 kg
Dimensions 155 × 60 × 98.5 cm

Black, Red


Standard 10.5Ah (48V)

61 reviews for Express Drive Plus Electric Bicycle

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  7. Sarah Cheang

    The Power-Assisted ebike is the perfect way to commute. It’s quickefficientand you don’t have to worry about traffic or parking.

  8. Firdaus

    I love how the drive plus gives more power and lasts longer as compared to its previous model! Have been using this model for a couple of years now. Love how sturdy this Ebike is!

  9. Wei Ming

    I’m so glad I got this bike! It’s perfect for me and my needs!

  10. Ci Min Lun

    I love my pab E-bike! It’s great for getting around town.

  11. Eric Loke

    Fast delivery once I placed order, delivered within the day itself. Just nice for me to use that day for delivery! Thanks for the freebies too!

  12. Anand A

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    The staff is knowledgeable and helpful in helping you find the perfect bike for your needs.

  14. Jayina Mariam

    Best choice of ebike that i made! Never regretted my choice!

  15. Terence

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    So much fun to ride! And so convenient too- I can get where I need to go without having to worry about parking or traffic.

  23. Terence

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  24. Chua

    This bike is well worth the moneyit’s saved me so much time and effort.

  25. Aaron A

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  34. Jingya Yan

    The motor is really powerful and really helps when you need it most

  35. Billy

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    This is the best thing that has happened to my workout routine! I get a great cardio workout while riding and it’s so much more enjoyable than running on a treadmill.

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    The best part of this bike is that I don’t have to worry about pedaling if I don’t want to. It takes the effort out of biking while still being able to enjoy it.


    The selection of electric bikes at the shop is unbeatable and they have something for everyone.

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    This bike is amazing! It has made commuting so much easier and faster for me.

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