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Express Drive Electric Bicycle with External Battery (36V, 8Ah)

Express Drive Electric Bicycle with External Battery (36V, 8Ah) Summary

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Manufactured with a low step through frame for each dismounting, the Express Drive electric bicycle is ideal for delivery drivers. Fitted with a rear rack, 20″ wheels and a 36V battery, the Express Drive e-bike is the affordable go to choice for delivery riders.

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Express Drive Electric Bicycle with External Battery (36V, 8Ah) Description

Express Drive E-bike Bundle Review
If you’re looking for an easy to mount e-bike, the electric bicycle is definitely the choice for you! The low step-through frames makes it easy for riders to shift their weight forward by standing without having the need to dismount the bicycle entirely.
Unique features
The electric bicycle comes with a rear rack that can be fitted with a cushion. The low step through frame is also a unique feature of the Express Drive electric bike.
The frame is manufactured from high strength aluminium, making the Express Drive electric bicycle a durable bicycle. The low step through frame is not only more convenient for dismounting but it is also safer as riders can safely shift their weight forward by standing when the bicycle is stationary.
The e-bike has front and rear lights for better visibility in the dark. It also has a chain guard to prevent fabric from getting caught in the chain when the e-bike is moving.
Running on a 36V 8Ah battery that is commonly found in most e-bikes. The battery is enables the bicycle to cover distances of up to 50km.
The electric bicycle runs on a 36V 250W brushless geared motor.
*The Express Drive Electric Bicycle Bundle comes with an additional spare battery

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More Info: Express Drive Electric Bicycle with External Battery (36V, 8Ah)

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 162 × 63 × 96.5 cm

Black, Blue, Red


Standard 8Ah (36V)

62 reviews for Express Drive Electric Bicycle with External Battery (36V, 8Ah)

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