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CAMP Lite 11 Foldable Bicycle

CAMP Lite 11 Foldable Bicycle Summary

(63 customer reviews)

The lightest 11 Speed foldable bicycle in the market, the CAMP Lite weighs only 9.8kg. Commute faster and more efficiently with the CAMP Lite 11 Foldable Bicycle today!

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CAMP Lite 11 Foldable Bicycle Description

CAMP Chameleon Mini Foldable Bicycle Review
The CAMP Lite 11 Speed foldable bicycle is the one of the lightest bi-fold bicycle in the market. Faster and more portable, it is the ideal folding bike for commuting.
Unique features
The bicycle uses SHIMANO 105 RD-R7000 rear derailleur and the SHIMANO 105 SL-RS700 speed shifter for a smooth and unhindered ride. The bicycle is also equipped with KENDA 16 x 1 3/8 (37-349) tyres for stability and durability.
Manufactured from CAMP aluminium advance-grade composite for durability and lightweight.
Equipped with TEKTRO HB-M275, hydraulic, 160mm rotor disc brakes on the front and rear of the bicycle. The wheels are also fitted with reflectors for more visibility in the dark.

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More Info: CAMP Lite 11 Foldable Bicycle

Weight 9.8 kg
Dimensions 127 × 57 × 104 cm

Black/Gold, Black/Grey, Black/Purple, Blue/Sandstone, Green/Orange, Matt Black, Matt Blue, Ocean Blue, Pink, Red/Blue, Silver/Gold


11 Speed

Rear Derailleur

Shimano 105 RD-R7000

63 reviews for CAMP Lite 11 Foldable Bicycle

  1. Kayleigh Tan

    The prices are very fair.

  2. Miko

    Still amazes me how light this bicycle is! No hassle when I bring it down to the park for my son to ride.

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  10. Jiamin

    I was a little hesitant to buy a folding bike at firstbut this one from the electric bike shop is amazing! It’s so easy to ride and really lightweight. I can’t believe how much fun it is to zip around on!

  11. Ivan Chew

    The staff at this electric bike shop are so friendly and knowledgeable. They helped me pick out the perfect bike for my needs.

  12. Carina

    I love how easy it is to fold up and take with me on the go!

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  14. Zhao

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  15. Lester T

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  16. Widharma A

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  20. Darren T

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  34. Zhang C

    The best part about these foldable bikes is that they’re great for exercise without being too strenuous. My husband uses his all the time and he’s lost weight and feels better than ever.

  35. Kenneth Ho

    foldable bikes are also perfect for people who want to get some exercise but don’t necessarily want to go all out at the gym every day. Riding a bike is gentle enough on joints while still providing an excellent workoutso it’s perfect for those days when you just want to take it easy but still stay active.

  36. Wei yang

    This bike is perfect for commuting! It folds up small enough to fit in my trunkand the electric motor makes hills a breeze.

  37. Benson

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  38. Judd

    his bike has completely changed the way I get around town. No more waiting for buses or fighting for parking spots!

  39. Halvor Larsson Aga

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  62. Nurul Aisha

    This is the best folding bike I’ve ever owned. It’s really easy to fold up and take with me wherever I go which has come in handy more times than I can count. Plus it rides smoothly and effortlessly – love it!

  63. Ella L

    Compact and easy to store.

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